raspberry pi twitch camera

i decided i want to have a dedicated twitch streaming device i can use seperate from my laptop. i don't need to be able to screen capture, i don't do game streams, it only needs to me able to stream a camera input (and if i can, an overlay on top, but that isn't strictly necessary). i'm gonna be attepmting to make it with a rpi3 and my shitty old usb webcam. i would also like to have a screen attached so i can have a viewfinder, and maybe one to have the chat on, but those aren't priorites, right now i just want to have a thing that can stream. if i get to the point where i have the money for it, i'll get the 7" raspberry pi display for the viewfinder, and either have chat on that one or get a second screen for chat.

it's turning out to be somewhat difficult to get ffmpeg to accept my webcams input. i can't get it to record the webcam. vlc can capture it and my mic, so i know it's possible and isn't a problem with the webcam. i'll update when something different happens.

currently trying to compile OBS on the pi. if that works, that will make everything a lot easier i think. i still wanna fuck around with ffmpeg so i can have a script to do it and i dont have to fuck around with a GUI, but right now i wanna get the picam at least working. we'll see how it goes.