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small pine popper

this is the first lure i've made. i started with a piece of (i think) pine i had laying around. i cut out a roughly 3 inch section, and whittled away by sight with no template. i forgot to take pictures until the carving was already done and the channel for the through wire was cut:

i created the wire tha will be the line tie and hook loops with a paperclip. i then used wood glue to glue in the wire, carved out a channel, glued in 4 bbs for weight, and coated the lure in polyurethane:

i gave it a few coats of brushed on acrylic whtie paint as a primer, painted on a random design, and coated it again in several coats of polyurethane:

it fishes really well. pops great. i think poppers are an easy lure to make, they dont need all that much exactness to be able to pop. i learned that paperclips are an awful wire to use, because they will rust incredibly fast. i'm pretty disappointed, it works so well but i don't trust it to not rust more if i use it again, so i probably wont. oh well, it was a nice first attempt. i'll make more poppers in the future because they're my favorite lures to fish.